• Accelerate Women in Entrepreneurship
  • Propel Women in Workplace and Leadership
  • Launch Women in driving Communities


RUG Beneath My Feet Private Limited (RUG) is a Social Entrepreneurship startup. It aims to sustainably impact the lives of Urban Women by providing a structured platform of online & offline support to mainstream, nurture and shape them into frontline business, workplace and community leaders.

The first service offering from RUG is a women centric crowdfunding platform .The philosophy of the Rug Beneath My Feet Crowdfunding platform is to connect the larger community of individuals and corporates with deserving entrepreneurs. This platform has been designed for Millennial and Generation Z.

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$1 Billion.....2025.....the Company Women Trust

Core Philosophy

Why support Women

Women bring the Soul perspective to business and communities

Founder & CEO

Asha Venkataramani

B.Com (Hons) graduate and a Chartered Accountant who has worked for over a decade and a half with Private equity and Big 4 firms, at senior levels. Her professional work experience is in the area of strategy, M&A, Fund Raising, Restructuring and Private Equity. Asha has authored several professional thought leaderships and has been a speaker at industry forums like ASSOCHAM, FICCI over the last many years.

Powering Women to Success .......... Bringing Soul into Business

Rug Beneath My Feet Crowdfunding platform

Rug Beneath My Feet (“RUG”) Crowdfunding is India's 1st women centric crowdfunding platform. It is a Rewards based “All or nothing” platform created to encourage women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in women centric products. The philosophy of the RUG Crowdfunding platform is to connect the larger community of individuals and corporates with deserving entrepreneurs. This platform has been designed for Millennial and Generation Z and aims to:

  • Encourage innovation
  • Promote pre VC stage start ups
  • Encourage campaigners to Strategise and run campaigns like multi- million dollar transactions
  • Connect community with deserving entrepreneurs
  • Focus on business

Campaigns on the RUG Beneath My Feet crowdfunding platform can be
run for any of the following objectives

The platform is structured to attract a “Crowd” of “Supporters” comprising of
quality conscious men, women and Corporates who want to

  • Drive change
  • Participate in the creation of something new or innovative
  • Support deserving Women Entrepreneurs
  • Support development of quality products & services by providing feedback through usage
  • Do a good deed by supporting someone's business dreams as on a regular basis
  • Have access to quality content relevant to business and workplace

A simplified overview of the Rug Beneath My Feet Crowdfunding platform
a typical Crowdfunding campaign process on this platform

Campaigner connected to Crowd
Crowd gets Campaign Rewards
Campaigner gets Campaign funds

Crowd gets refund of contributions made
Crowd gets no rewards
Campaigner gets no money

If you are considering applying to list a campaign on Rug Beneath My Feet
There are 5 things you need to know

1 The process
in simplified terms

2 The Rug Beneath My Feet Crowdfunding Platform
encourages campaigns in the following areas

3 The platform encourages Women entrepreneurs and
entrepreneurship in women centric products

Application for listing can be made and accepted without the existence of a entity however the Platform will list the campaign only once there is an entity. This is insisted upon to avoid the impression that Campaigners are running campaigns to take money from the Crowd and then run away.
*If the entity is not 50% owned by women, the application for listing a campaign can be considered by the Platform on a case to case basis . The platform fees reflect this philosophy.

4 NGO’s, Trusts, Section 8 Companies

The RUG Crowdfunding platform is designed to connect the community directly with deserving entrepreneurs . The Platform welcomes NGO’s, Trusts and Section 8 Companies as Campaign supporters but does not encourage them to run campaigns. The reason for this is, that such type of legal entities by their inherent nature are eligible to receive grants, donations and have access to many national and international avenues for fund raising including donation based crowdfunding platforms

5 By running a campaign on RUG Beneath My Feet Crowdfunding Platform,
you are representing to RUG and the world

  • That you will carry out your project as described (and that you will communicate openly and honestly with RUG and the Supporters on the Platform);
  • That you will work hard to achieve success and make your project a reality;
  • That your project is legal, and that you are operating within the bounds of the law;
  • That you own the idea behind your campaign and the intellectual property associated with it;
  • That you will deliver the rewards to your Supporters in a timely fashion

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